Pattern Making Services

Advanced Pattern Making for Precision Castings

Pattern making is a critical foundational step in the casting process. At Arrow Butler Castings Ltd, we ensure that each pattern is crafted to meet exact specifications, recognizing that the quality of every casting hinges on the precision of its pattern.

Utilising materials such as wood, resin, and model board, our patterns serve as the blueprint for creating intricate moulds.

Why Choose Arrow Butler Castings for Pattern Making?

  • Precision Engineering: Our patterns are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal casting outcomes.
  • Technological Integration: Arrow Butler Castings Ltd utilises state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems and 3D modelling softwaree to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of our patterns. This technology allows for precise adjustments in design before the pattern goes to production, ensuring flawless castings.
  • Material Expertise: Our engineering expertise extends to designing optimal feeding systems within the patterns, which are crucial for economic manufacturing and maintaining consistent casting quality. These systems are designed to ensure the molten metal flows and solidifies consistently , minimising defects and material wastage.

Importance of High-Quality Patterns

The precision in creating a pattern directly influences the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the final casting. Our patterns are engineered to facilitate easy mould release while accommodating complex geometries and multiple impressions. Quality high precision patterns can be crafted thanks to advanced CAD/CAM technologies, 3D modelling software and high-quality model board materials.

Our Pattern Making Process

  • Design and Consultation: Early collaboration during the design phase is crucial. We engage with customers to not only discuss the manufacturability of the product but also to optimise the design for cost efficiency, quality, and reliability. This consultative process ensures that all tooling is perfectly aligned with client expectations and project requirements.
  • Construction and Validation: Patterns are crafted using selected materials, followed by thorough testing to confirm dimensional accuracy and functionality.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous inspections ensure every pattern adheres to industry standards and client requirements.

Complete Service Offering

Our precision patterns support sectors that demand exacting standards, including:

  • General Engineering
  • Utilities
  • Defense
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Energy

Comprehensive Pattern Making Services

Arrow Butler Castings Ltd provides complete pattern making solutions:

  • Prototyping: Rapid development of prototype patterns to facilitate early-stage product testing.
  • Production Patterns: Constructed for longevity, supporting extensive use in ongoing casting operations.
  • Maintenance Services: Ensuring patterns maintain their precision through proactive upkeep and storage solutions.


What materials are most commonly used in your pattern making?
We select materials based on project needs, commonly using woods, resins, and advanced polymers for durability and precision.
What is the typical lead time for pattern making?
Lead times vary by project complexity but typically range from several days to a few weeks.
Can you modify existing patterns?
Yes, we can adjust or completely redesign patterns to accommodate design changes or improvements.
What sets your pattern making apart?
Our commitment to precision, combined with advanced technology and deep industry knowledge, ensures superior pattern quality.
How do I initiate a pattern making project?
Contact us with your specifications, and our team will promptly initiate the consultation process.