Gravity Die Casting Services

Gravity Die Casting: Precision, Efficiency, and Quality

At Arrow Butler Castings Ltd, we specialise in Gravity Die Casting, a process renowned for producing accurately dimensioned, sharply defined, and aesthetically pleasing metal parts.

Leveraging advanced die tooling and a wealth of expertise, we deliver high-quality castings efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Choose Our Gravity Die Casting Services?

  • High Precision and Definition: Our castings achieve superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish, reducing the need for additional machining and finishing.
  • Efficient Production: The use of reusable metal dies allows for rapid production cycles compared to other casting methods, making it ideal for medium to high-volume manufacturing.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While initial tooling costs are higher, the long-term reuse of dies ensures a cost-effective solution for large production runs.

Tailored to Your Industry Needs

Gravity Die Casting is particularly suited for industries requiring robust and detailed components in relatively high batch quantities.
Our process flexibility allows us to meet diverse specifications with precision.

Our Gravity Die Casting Process

Gravity Die Casting at Arrow Butler Castings Ltd involves:

  • Die Design: Utilising cast iron moulds designed to produce thousands of castings, crafted in two sections or more, for easy removal of the finished part.
  • Casting Cycle: Metal is poured into the die under gravity, solidifies rapidly, and is then ejected once the die halves are separated.
  • Complex Tooling Capability: Our dies can include moveable slides, cores, and other features to accommodate complex part geometries.

Complete Service Offering

From the initial design and manufacture of die tooling to the final delivery of castings, Arrow Butler Castings Ltd provides a comprehensive service. Our goal is to deliver not just a casting, but a solution that includes:

  • Tooling Design and Manufacture
  • Casting Production
  • Post-Casting Processing and Finishing


What are the advantages of Gravity Die Casting over other methods?
Gravity Die Casting offers a faster production cycle and better dimensional accuracy, making it more suitable for higher volume orders that require fine details and a superior surface finish.
How does the cost-effectiveness of Gravity Die Casting evolve over time?
The initial investment in die tooling is offset by the lower per-unit cost as production volumes increase, thanks to the reusability of the dies.
Can you produce complex part geometries with Gravity Die Casting?
Yes, our advanced tooling capabilities allow for the production of complex geometries without compromising the quality and accuracy of the castings.
What materials can be used in Gravity Die Casting?
We cast a range of aluminium alloys including LM6, LM9, LM27 and LM25.
How do I start a project with Arrow Butler Castings?
Contact us with your specifications, and we will guide you through our streamlined process from design to delivery.