Aluminium Casting Alloys

The Backbone of Modern Engineering

Discover the unmatched versatility and performance of Aluminium Castings at Arrow Butler Castings Ltd. From the durable LM27 to the high-strength LM25, our alloys are engineered to meet diverse manufacturing and engineering needs.

Embrace the future with our high-quality, precision-crafted aluminium alloys, tailored for both sand castings and gravity die-castings.

Why Aluminium Alloys?

  • Comprehensive Range: Featuring main alloys LM27, LM6, LM9, and LM25, alongside custom solutions to meet specific project requirements.
  • Exceptional Properties: Our alloys offer the perfect balance of strength, corrosion resistance, and ductility for various applications.
  • Sustainability at Core: With aluminium being 100% recyclable, we champion eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Aluminium Alloys: Sand Castings and Gravity Die-Castings

Aluminium LM27: The Versatile Engineer’s Choice
Complying with BS 1490 standards, Aluminium LM27 is the quintessential alloy for general engineering, offering moderate mechanical properties ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether in its as-cast (M) condition or fully heat-treated (TF), LM27 is adept at producing castings with moderate thinness that remain pressure-tight. This alloy’s adaptability makes it perfect for castings that demand high static load endurance in their operational life cycle.
Aluminium LM6: High Silicon, High Performance
Aluminium LM6, certified by BS1490, stands out for its remarkable corrosion resistance in both atmospheric and marine environments. This high silicon alloy excels in casting intricate designs, from thick to thin sections, without compromising on durability. Its exceptional fluidity and resistance to hot tearing, combined with ductility, allow for easy post-casting modifications. Ideal for welded constructions, LM6 requires careful machining but offers unparalleled versatility for complex casting needs.
Aluminium LM9: Strength Meets Corrosion Resistance
Adhering to BS1490 standards, Aluminium LM9 merges the best attributes of LM6 with enhanced strength and hardness. Suitable for both sand and die-casting, LM9 addresses projects requiring the corrosion resistance of LM6 but with a demand for higher structural integrity. Despite its propensity for tool wear during machining, LM9 is valued for its utility across applications that benefit from its robust nature without the drag common in other high silicon alloys.
Aluminium LM25: The High-Strength All-Rounder
Aluminium LM25 conforms to BS1490 and serves as the go-to alloy for applications necessitating superior mechanical properties. Utilised in contexts demanding stringent corrosion resistance and high strength, LM25 in its heat-treated form ( TF ) can achieve tensile strengths significantly higher than the standard range. As a versatile, high-strength casting alloy, LM25 is the backbone of projects where reliability and durability are paramount.LM25 has excellent machining properties which are improved in the heat treated condition.

Addressing Your Industry Challenges

Our cast aluminium alloys are specifically designed to tackle common industry challenges, offering:

  • Versatility and Complexity: Tailored alloys like LM27 and LM6 facilitate the production of complex shapes without compromising on mechanical properties or cost.
  • Strength and Durability: Alloys such as LM9 and LM25 meet the highest standards of strength and corrosion resistance, essential for the most demanding applications.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency: Emphasising recycled materials and efficient manufacturing processes, we aim to reduce environmental impact while maintaining high-quality output.

Arrow Butler Castings Ltd: Aluminium Alloys

At Arrow Butler Castings Ltd, we understand that each project has unique requirements. Our range of aluminium alloys caters to diverse needs – from general engineering applications to those requiring high strength, exceptional corrosion resistance, or intricate designs.


What makes Arrow Butler's aluminium alloys unique?
Sourcing from our approved suppliers ensures our commitment to quality, customisation, and sustainability. This sets our aluminium alloys apart, ensuring they meet the specific needs of each project with precision.
How do you ensure the quality of your aluminium alloys?
Each alloy is rigorously tested and conforms to BS 1490 standards, backed by our ISO 9001 and UKAS certifications. Certificates of conformity & 3.1 certification available on request.
Can I request a custom aluminium alloy composition?
Absolutely. We can adapt and create alloys to meet unique project specifications, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.
Are your aluminium castings environmentally friendly?
Yes, we prioritise eco-friendly practices, including using reclaimed sand and recycling aluminium, to minimise our carbon footprint.
How can I start a project with Arrow Butler Castings Ltd?
Contact us at OR +44 (0)1246 450027 to discuss your requirements with our experts.
With our expertise, we’re here to help you select the perfect alloy for your specific application, ensuring your project’s success with our high-quality aluminium castings.