Air Set Sand Casting

Precision and Versatility Unleashed

At Arrow Butler Castings Ltd, our Air Set Sand Casting process bridges the gap between innovation and tradition, offering intricate, large-scale casting solutions with unparalleled precision.

Developed to meet the demanding needs of diverse industries, our technique ensures robust moulds capable of complex, detailed designs without the size limitations of using moulding boxes.

Why Choose Air Set Sand Casting?

  • Large cast size and Complexity: Free from the limitations of moulding boxes, enabling larger and more intricate designs, and multi impression patterns which yield more castings per mould.
  • Enhanced Strength and Durability: Produces solid, durable moulds that support the production of tight tolerances and complex designs.
  • Eco-Friendly: Utilises a 75% reclaimed sand process, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Air Set Sand Casting Process

Our Air Set Sand Casting process begins with high-grade kiln-dried sand, mixed with a resin binder and chemical hardener all controlled by computer operated systems to ensure accurate addition rates. Once mixed, the sand is rammed around a pattern where it hardens to form a solid mould. Once the pattern is stripped and the mould closed, we are left with a robust boxless mould into which the metal is poured and a casting created. This method enables the creation of extensive, intricate castings, optimising both quality and cost-effectiveness through minimal sand use and 75% raw material reclamation.

Industrial Applications

Air Set Sand Casting is ideal for industries seeking large, complex components with precise details, including General Engineering, Utilities, Defense, and more. This method excels in producing parts that might otherwise require fabrication from multiple pieces, ensuring integrity and strength in every casting.

Understanding Your Challenges

The manufacturing and engineering sectors face numerous challenges, from the need for precision in complex components to the pressures of environmental sustainability and cost management. Our Air Set Sand Casting process is designed with these pain points in mind, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry expectations.

  • Complex designs and large-scale projects: Cast weights of up to 200KG, intricate designs simplified.
  • High costs and material wastage: Minimised sand use, reduced waste, cost-effective.
  • Quality and durability demands: Exceptional strength and precision, meeting the highest standards.
  • Environmental responsibility: Reclaimed sand, reduced environmental impact.
  • Speed to market: Fast prototyping, rapid turnaround, keeps pace with market demands.
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What advantages does Air Set Sand Casting offer over traditional methods?
Air Set Sand Casting allows for greater mould strength, size, and complexity, with the added benefits of reduced costs and environmental impact thanks to sand reclamation.
Can Air Set Sand Casting be used for small production runs?
Yes, it is flexible for both small and large production quantities, making it suitable for bespoke projects and high-volume manufacturing alike.
How does Arrow Butler ensure quality in Air Set Sand Casting?
Our ISO 9001:2015 certification and rigorous quality control processes ensure every casting meets the highest standards of precision and durability.
Are there limitations to the types of materials that can be used in Air Set Sand Casting?
While particularly suited to aluminium and copper-based metals, our process is adaptable to a range of materials, tailored to the project’s needs. Please note that we do not cast iron or steel.
How does Arrow Butler Castings Ltd address environmental concerns with Air Set Sand Casting?
We employ a sustainable approach by reclaiming 75% of our sand for use in future castings and responsibly recycling waste sand, minimising our environmental footprint.
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